The name of the coffee roastery is Brothers Nel Roasting Company.  The first two words in the company name is written in big, bold, uppercase letters.
Coffee for every season

We roast ethically farmed, handpicked, quality coffee.

We roast fresh coffee on demand by using the best coffee varieties we can find on the planet.

We deliver within in 2 days after ordering.


Harvested where the crop is best

A picture of the South American continent where some of the beans we use are sourced from.

Our coffee beans are ethically sourced from a variety of countries. These beans are sought out based on the quality of that year's harvest. Not unlike wine, a bean's flavour, quality and character has a lot do with the environment and time of harvest. We search for notes and flavours in the beans to fulfill our range of coffees with consistency.

Coffee Roastery in the heart of Durbanville

Our first location officially opened it's doors on the 30th of August 2020 on the corner of the historic Wellington and Oxford road that is situated in the heart of Durbanville.

An illustration of waves breaking against the West Coast of South Africa where Brothers Nel Roasting Company roast their raw beans into amazing coffee.

You are invited to come and find us inside the warm and inviting Soet Complex where many other wonderful attractions are to be found.

Brew your own coffee

An illustration of a cup of coffee that flies through the air - it creates the sense of freedom and enjoyment.

Brothers Nel Roasting Company's premium coffee is supplied nationwide. Our coffee is supplied as whole and ground beans and is perfectly packaged in beautiful, eco-friendly packaging. You get FREE delivery for orders above R400-00!

An illustration of woman that spreads her ideas and her company across a seemingly endless space.  There are no limits!

Coffee for your restaurant

If you need coffee for your restaurant, give us a call. Everything you need in a custom designed plan that works for your establishment.

An illustration that describes the journey from our company to a retail store by means of a road with shops next to it.

Sell coffee in your store

Bring our coffee to your tribe! Our coffee is delivered free of charge to your store in beautiful packaging that is eco-friendly. Light up your shelves with ethically sourced, premium coffee!

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